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In 2002 Pedro and Maria, founded Xcaret Mexican Restaurant.

Originally from La Piedad, a small town located North West of the Mexican State of Michoacán, bordering Jalisco and Guanajuato.

Being life long entrepeneirs in the food industry, they decided to adventure to U.S.A a country of opportunities.

Invited by family members whom already lived in Ohio, started searching for a town for a town with no Mexican restaurant.

Traveling many miles, North South, East and West, they drove through the city of Tiffin. Exploring the city they came to acknowledge there was many things that made the city appealing such as the Glass Museum, Founder General Gibson, College Heidelberg, Tiffin University, industries and Hospital Mercy.

Mission Statement:

  • Provide happiness through food.

  • Ensure every customer with exceptional service.

  • Maintain high quality of life in Tiffin, Ohio.

  • To provide high quality authentic Mexican food and drinks by exceeding high standards of, freshness, cleanness and customer service.

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